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Haha remember that last post I made? Well I didn’t.

Anyways, a month and a half into university and here we go— I’m about to unload a lot onto all of you who aren’t listening. First, the ‘betus. In case you were unaware, I have diabetes. Type 1 to be specific. Now, Im not going to go so far to say that I also have a body image issue, but I am very self conscious of my body. Do I blame a lot of this on diabetes? You bet. In fact, I go through stacks of articles that talk about how hard it is for diabetics to lose weight, and to boot, I am a slight perfectionist in combination with drama queen. Thus, a small slip up feels like the world is falling on me and that brownie I ate will never, ever, ever leave me.

Next, roommates. To be brutally honest, they contribute slightly to this problem. First, one is super athletic, works out all the time, I wish I had her workout-ethic. Another is just tall, blonde, seems to have her entire life together, watches what she eats and works out. All of the boys just have their eyes on her. She has a boyfriend though, so her unattainability is just more enticing for them. My last roommate is just having so much sex. She lets everybody know. Im not jealous, but she is also one of those people that may not have the victoria secret body type, but is able to carry herself in a way that everyone is just in complete awe of her— tbh including me.

The ‘betus— I hate it. what else is new. everything else— decent :)

Oct 6

Recently (within the past couple of weeks) I’ve been surrounded by a lot of negative energy… It sucks. High school is drawing to a close, yet people seem to be acting like they’re still in elementary school. So now I’m going to make a goal that twice a week on this blog I will post something that I’m grateful for. Repetition is allowed, because sometimes you need to be reminded of the importance of something/someone in your life. So here’s to happier day, being grateful, and driving out the darkness with light!

May 15
I’ve decided…

Dear World,

             I don’t care that this is my first post ever. Today I learned the hard way that it doesn’t matter if you do everything right—morally, socially, religiously—it doesn’t matter, because the power hungry will come anyways and stomp on you like a bug.

            I don’t mean to say that these two are independent of each other, in theory they are extremely dependant. Doing everything right will gain the trust of the alpha, thus lengthening the reigns, allowing more freedom, you get my point.

            What I’ve learned in the last couple of hours though, is that this theory that I had—that makes complete sense—well its all for shit. Why would the alpha ever trust someone below them? The lesser will just take more and more until they overpower the alpha. It sounds so pessimistic and unforgiving, but folks, we’re just going to have to suck it up and deal with it.

This is a dog eat dog world, and once someone has reached the top, it doesn’t matter how they treat people. It really doesn’t.

In grade school we had a workshop about leadership and relationships—the purpose was to help us solidify our relationships and to teach us how to build the foundations to these relationships so that they would last. They said something that I will never forget, “Relationships are like shared bank accounts, if you are going to put money in, the other person better not always take that money out. There needs to be equal give and take.”

Bullshit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been stocking up that bank account for years, on this earth, there is no way that a shared bank account can last without someone being burned.

The ladder. The ladder is a perfect metaphor for so many elements of society, especially since ours is so hierarchical. Imagine that you’re climbing your societal ladder and someone below you asks for help, to be pulled up. Physically this is not an easy task—facing towards the ladder, reaching down to pull someone up—it’s just not practical. On the other hand, a person from below can very easily boost up someone above, with no significant consequence to their standing on the ladder, just their ability to move upwards.

This seems to be the logical concluding point of my saga on the social ladder, I’m sure there will be a part two—societal restrictions are generally infuriating enough that I’ll definitely be kicked down by those above me on the social ladder—but its not the kicking down that defines you, it’s the climbing up.

Pushing people down will just make them more inclined to pull you down in return, but if you do encounter those people who, rather than recognizing all the pushing up you’ve done still try to kick you down, well clearly they’re from a different school of thought. Their kicking will come back at them because at the end of the day, we all want to succeed and the only thing better than succeeding yourself is to succeed with others—especially if you’ve supported them and they’ve supported you along the way.

Play nice. Stay opinionated. Hold your morals. Never kick someone who’s already on the ground.

Shine like a pearl.

Feb 25
I get knocked down, but I get up again.


Have we discussed Google’s shade yet?
u go google. u go.

fucking yes
Feb 7



Have we discussed Google’s shade yet?

u go google. u go.

fucking yes

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I have wanted to write or start a blog for almost eternity. I think hearing about other people’s lives from one perspective and the freedom to read it as if I was thinking it myself quite intriguing. Without further ado, I would like to welcome you to my blog, where a girl in some of the most formative years of her life will reflect on whatever is going on in the world around her. If you watch the Carrie Diaries, you can almost imagine this to be a realistic version of that, because after all, my experiences are very real.

Feb 5
Long time coming